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14 Trained and certified
71% placed
70 000 TND equipment

The gypsum sector is one of the most promising sectors of development in Tataouine with a local reserve ranked third globally.

Thanks to these natural reserves, gypsum offers a promising opportunity for investment and promotes local employment.

In this context, Skills to Succeed Organization took the initiative to develop a vocational training program in the exploitation of gypsum for the unemployed of the region.

This program is based on the training of 14 university graduates, whose diplomas are difficult to integrate in the professional domain, in the field of plastering and the manufacture and installation of plaster, in addition to the training of a local core of 6 instructors in the same terms of reference.

Skills to Succeed Organization also created the first modern gypsum laboratory, embracing the practical aspect at the vocational training center of Tataouine.

In addition to the training offered by the program to its beneficiaries in cooperation with numerous active institutions, it also provided them with a training course on project creation to help those wishing to start their own project.

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