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600.000 TND Equipment
60 Certified Welders
40 Certified Pipefitters

Skills to Succeed welding and pipefitting training programs have been designed to improve the employability of the unemployed in Tataouine in response to job market demand. The training programs took place at local educational facilities in Tataouine after equipping a workshop at Tataouine Vocational Training Center with a high quality welding and pipefitting material to ensure sustainability.

To ensure a smooth technical and pedagogical handing over to local institutions, TOT sessions and program certification for teachers took place in Tataouine vocational training center (TVTC), with an ongoing alignment with the Tunisian Agency for Vocational Training, and the Ministry of Vocational Training Employment.

In addition a Monitoring and Evaluation tool was implemented to monitor and evaluate local institutions’ ability to handle training programs independently.

The training program included:

  • HSSE Training (Schlumberger).
  • Entrepreneurship training.
  • Life skills.
  • English (London Teacher Training College).
  • Certified Welding/ Pipefitting (TUV Austria/ TIC).

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