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9 rural villages
12 jobs created
174 rural women

Empowering rural women is one of the important challenges for economic development in Tunisia.

While rural women represent about 40% of the total number of women in Tataouine, their presence on the economic scene is still scarce.

As part of its initiative to support rural women, Skills to Succeed launched a Chicken Breeding Program for the benefit of 9 villages in various delegations of Tataouine.

This program focused on training women in chicken breeding and then granting them funds to launch their own micro-projects.

It has also funded 12 egg incubating projects in the delegations, in order to enhance eggs production and help increase the beneficiaries’ incomes.

In addition to improving livestock and the dynamism brought to chicken breeding in Tataouine, this program has contributed to the integration of rural women in the economic fabric and helped improve their incomes.

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